One dies, six arrested over mine invasion

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OVER 150 artisanal miners in Mwadui Ward in Shinyanga region’s Kishapu District have invaded Williamson Diamond Ltd in attempt to forcefully take minerals.

Revealing the report here yesterday, Shinyanga Regional Police Commander (RPC) Simon Haule said that the incident took place on Monday evening.

He said that when security guards of Zenet company were in their normal patrol, they were immediately invaded with over 150 small miners popularly known as Wabeshi who started fighting them. Security guards with small miners began fighting leading to the death of 20-year old Gile Igula from Nyenze Village at Mwadui Ward who was reportedly hit by a heavy object.

Two security guards, Marco Peter and George Ali of Zenet, were injured in the fight and were taken to Maganzo hospital for treatment.

Commander Haule said that six people have been arrested in connection of the scam, naming two security guards Fabian Muna (25) and Paschal Patrick (27) with four miners, Lucas Ulugile (24), Charles Kija (25), Joseph Tungu (28) and Charles Mkusu (32), all from inyenze Village.

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