World Bank throws weight behind Public-Private dialogue

World Bank’s Country Director, Ms Bella Bird

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THE World Bank (WB) has expressed its commitment to offer further training to permanent secretaries in government ministries on the importance of public-private sector dialogue in enhancing efficiency in boosting economic growth.

This was among resolutions reached at a seminar organised jointly by the Bretton Wood institution and the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) on the importance of the private sector as the engine of the economy and importance of the dialogues between the two sectors.

The World Bank’s Country Director, Ms Bella Bird, underscored the need for proper flow of information to enable administrative systems to operate effectively.

“Regular meetings at ministerial level are crucial for issues concerning the private sector; concerns raised by the private sector should guide the government to improve investment and business environment for the sector,” she remarked.

At the occasion, the Executive Director of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Mr Geoffrey Simbeye (pictured), pointed out at what he described as “a vacuum in execution of changes introduced in various policies and legislation.”

The executive of the private sector umbrella body reiterated the necessity for policy makers to frequently meet with representatives from the private sector through the dialogues.

It is on this backdrop that the World Bank has pledged to provide coaching the permanent secretaries and executive committee of the TNBC, to spur co-operation between the public and private sectors.

The TNBC’s Director for Business Environment, Mr Arthur Mtafya, said that it was the role of the council to bridge the gap between the private and public sectors to enable the country attain middle-income economy.

“We are glad that officials from the World Bank have enlightened us on the importance of the dialogues, through such forums we are in the position to clearly understand concerns by the business community,” the official stated.

For his part, Deputy Director for Business Environment in Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Christopher Mramba, pointed out that President John Magufuli was an exemplary leader who treasures dialogues towards development.

The official said the dialogues are crucial to build trust between the government and the business community, noting that the government will reap more revenues if the private sector operates in a conducive environment.

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