New by-laws to protect environment in the offing

Minister of State, Vice President’s Office-Union and Environment, Mr January Makamba

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THE government through the office of the Minister of State, President’s Office - Regional Administration and Local Government (RALG) will soon issue new by-laws on environmental preservation, purposely to ensure protection of ecological system and nature across the country.

Minister of State, Vice President’s Office-Union and Environment, Mr January Makamba said on Thursday that his office has formed model by-laws aimed at strengthening efforts in fighting against environmental degradation.

Mr Makamba was speaking on the office’s performance in the period of two years. “We have done a lot in preserving environment and protecting the nature, we have also managed to resolve various challenges regarding Union matters,” said Mr Makamba.

He said his office formed a template on new by-laws and that if signed by the Minister, will assist in the war against environmental degradation. “The new by-laws are already on the table of the RALG Minister, I believe, they will soon become operational,” he said.

He said the new by-laws are expected to help both the government and the public in preserving environment. “We believe the new by-laws will help us to protect environment and nature, it is obvious that environment is a major topic across the world, therefore, Tanzania like any other country must do everything in its capacity to protect the environment,” said Minister Makamba.

Commenting on the measures that his office has been taking in preserving environment, Mr Makamba said various government and non-governmental organisations have been involved in preserving the environment. He said various organisations have been involved in protecting ecological system including Ruaha River, which is crucial for both animals, plants and human beings.

“We have involved Tanapa, Tanesco and many other organisations in protecting ecological system, my office coordinates various activities that aim at boosting environmental related matters,” said Mr Makamba.

He added that in the past few years, Ruaha River was in a huge danger due to human activities along the river.On tourism and environment, Mr Makamba said there could not be tourism without good and well protected environment. He said that his office in collaboration with other ministries is forming a new environment policy that will consider the state of tourism in the country.

“We are forming a new policy that will greatly consider the importance of tourism in protecting environment; we all understand that there is a big link between environment and tourism,” he noted.

On preparations for oil and gas environmental protection, Mr Makamba said the government is building capacity on the protection of environment in areas that are involved in gas and oil drilling activities.

“We need to build capacity facing challenges in case oil spills in the sea, it is obvious fishing activities and transportation will stop.

Also fishes and other living organisms will die, therefore, my office is aware of such challenges and we are seeking funds from various sources to build our capacity of facing such problems,” he said.

He added, while speaking on a programme aired by the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) recently, that Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar have been working together in various matters related to environmental protection.

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