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THE government is now reviewing the public service structures in a bid to improve operations, which could relocate some public servants to other public institutions.

This was revealed here yesterday by the deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service Management and Good Governance, Ms Susan Mlawi, noting that in the meantime, the government was still collecting views from all public institutions.

“The review is aimed at uplifting the level of efficiency at all public institutions to serve the people better,” she said, during a Joint National Workshop on Public Service Reforms and Decentralisation by Devolution.

The two-day workshop organised by Uongozi Institute brought together regional commissioners from seven regions and their respective executive directors to discuss implementation of the novel ‘Decentralisation by Devolution’ concept.

Ms Mlawi cited one ministry with 25 accountants, pointing out that it had since requested that some of its accountants be relocated to public institutions to shed off some of the “excess” officials occupying a single position.

“We’ve requested the ministry to provide us with their names so that they could be relocated to public institutions facing shortages of accountants,” she said.

She observed that the exercise would focus on ministries, regional secretariats, regional and town councils and government agencies -- plus all public institutions.

Uongozi Institute Chief Executive Officer Prof Joseph Semboja noted that the workshop was aimed at giving the RCs a platform to exchange experience in implementation of new decentralisation concept.

“Workshop participants got an opportunity to share views and knowledge on how best to implement the Decentralisation by Devolution,” he said.

Tabora RC Mr Aggrey Mwanri, one of the workshop participants and chief guest at the workshop, advised fellow participants to improve internal audit departments within their areas “The improvement of Internal Audit Department will help regional authorities to monitor public funds to prevent misuse of the funds,” he observed.

Regions taking part include Tabora, Morogoro, Arusha, Simiyu, Iringa, Njombe and Mwanza.

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