Serengeti set to increase revenue collection

The District Executive Director (DED), Eng Juma Hamsini

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SERENGETI District Council is set to increase its revenue after investors in the tourism industry have started paying service levy.

The District Executive Director (DED), Eng Juma Hamsini, said that in the last financial year (2016/2017) the council earned 565m/-, paid as service levy by investors thus the figure was expected to raise this financial year.

Eng Hamsini noted that his council targets to collect 3.4bn/- from its domestic sources in this financial year.

He assured that the council would make good use of the revenue to make sure that the funds are used properly in order to bring positive impact to the people in the area, adding that the money will be channelled into projects that will help to speed up social and economic development.

Serengeti District is covered by a large part of wildlife conservation areas including the world’s famous Serengeti National Park which are crucial for improving the economic status of the area.

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