Judicial systems on agenda as EAC members meet today

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JUDICIAL systems within the East African Community member states Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and recently South-Sudan seem to be overwhelmed with cases.

This is among items on agenda lined up for discussion as the Sixth East African Community Annual Conference on Good Governance starts here today, and scheduled to run for two days.

“The judicial systems have often found themselves overwhelmed with resultant cases, and their independence in executing their mandate hailed or questioned depending on the expectations of the involved parties,” reads part of the statement from the EAC Communication Officer, Mr Richard Owora Othieno.

It is reported that, given the historical and socio-ethno-cultural and economic context of the eastern Africa region, the effects of overburdened judicial systems can also be inter-state and as the result, takes great toll on the envisaged regional integration.

According to a concept note made available here, improving democratic governance is a critical component of the broader enabling environment for peace, security and stability.

It calls for ensuring that the structures and institutions for democratic governance are not only existing but are strengthened, seen to be working and serving the people, and promoting democracy and inclusiveness. In turn, this would guarantee meaningful and sustainable integration.

The Sixth EAC Annual Conference on Good Governance is taking place at the East African Community Headquarters and this year’s event is supposed to build on the concept of an integration of the people, which requires engagement and participation of diverse stakeholders at all levels and stages of the integration.

The EAC Good Governance is a regional platform that brings together policy makers, implementers and other key stakeholders to dialogue on topical issues in the region anchored on the pillars of the EAC good governance programme.

The Good Governance Conference is a platform that brings together leadership from national and regional institutions of governance to dialogue, share information and map out innovative strategies to address some of the challenges to promoting good governance and regional integration.

The conceptualisation of the theme of the 6th Good Governance Conference took cognisance of the need for multi-stakeholder engagement and contribution towards attaining a sustainable integration.

Stakeholders include the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary, the security sector, the civil society organisations, the youth and the media in promoting peace and security and stability.

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