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THE Tanzania Social Support Foundation in partnership with the U.S-based international non-profit organization, Cosmopolitan Development Foundation (CDF International) – have launched a newly innovative need-based financial aid programme that will spend over $1 million to endow about 50,000 scholarships and tuition waivers for Tanzanian higher learning students of disadvantaged backgrounds.

Director General of the Foundation, Donati Salla unveiled the programme in a press statement circulated yesterday.

“The TSSF Need-Based Financial Aid Programme shall directly match a governmental grants given to Tanzanian higher learning students with financial need and it shall be available with its desk services in all higher learning institutions accredited within the territorial boundaries of the United Republic of Tanzania, and it shall cover the student – citizens of Tanzania who are studying within the United Republic of Tanzania,” he said.

He added that, the programme is dedicated to benefit the undergraduate students and the two organizations have organized a fund that is known as the Higher Education Fund of the Tanzania Social Support Foundation for which the main functions of the fund include receiving, maintaining and disbursing all monies vested in it for the purposes of financing the higher education in Tanzania.

Mr Salla noted that the basic grounds for establishing the TSSF Need-Based Financial Aid Programme are to assist in covering over 67.3 per cent of all students who appear to miss the educational loans from the government.

He explained that the Programme is a newly invented and unique scheme in the higher educational system of Tanzania and it is designed to reduce the ‘scrambling for students’ by universities in Tanzania by way of enabling the varsities to have an assured, sustainable and stable financial backup that is sourced from the students’ tuition fees and meet the student cost per unit.

Mr Salla asked all higher learning students, higher learning institutions, and all stakeholders of the higher educational development in Tanzania to get involved in the programme and cooperate by one another in order to ensure that, the programme is achieved as planed and eventually lead to the higher educational reforms in Tanzania.

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