State embraces metro-hub concept in urbanisation control

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IN a bid to control urbanisation in Dodoma Metropolitan City, the government plans to adopt Metro-Hub concept, which links emerging small towns, satellite and capital city.

The Deputy Minister of State in President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Governments, Mr Seleman Jafo (pictured) , made the revelation here over the weekend, saying the government will embrace the concept to achieve Sustainable Dodoma Vision 2025.

“There have been shortfalls in linking urban and rural planning and development although these areas are inter-dependent socially and economically,” said the Deputy Minister while closing a workshop on Sustainable Dodoma Vision 2025.

The three-day workshop, which was organ ised by the Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Governments and attended by Head of Urban Basis Services in UN-Habitat, Dr Vincent Kitio, brought all district executive directors in Dodoma together with directors from the ministry to discuss the rural-urban interface with focus on Dodoma.

Mr Jafo said the government will apply an action plan which was developed by the workshop participants to intervene in areas of priority, pointing out among the components of the plan as declaration of the Dodoma Metropolitan planning area.

“The action plan serves as a tool to nurture growth of emerging small towns as an interface in development in the local government system,” added the Deputy Minister.

Mr Jafo noted that local initiatives should be harmonised to support rural-urban linkages so that there should be no room to obstruct plans and implementation in achieving Sustainable Dodoma 2025.

He expressed gratitude to UN-Habitat for its willingness to offer assistance to the Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Governments to execute plans to achieve Sustainable Dodoma Vision 2025.

The Deputy Minister directed land and legal experts in his ministry to prepare areas for cooperation between UN-Habitat and the government as the government would soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UN Agency.

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