CRB warns of rogues out to con people

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THE Constructors Registration Board (CRB) has cautioned the general public and contractors across of the presence of conman out to use name of the board in their bid to solicit bribes from construction sites.

The warning was sounded by the Board’s Registrar, Rhoben Nkori in a press statement issued in Dar es Salaam yesterday. He asked the public and contractors to communicate with the board headquarters or its zonal offices about anyone masquerading as CRB official to facilitate their arrest by government security organs.

“… CRB maintains zonal offices which work around the country, We have the Eastern Zone in Dar es Salaam, Northern Zone in Arusha, Southern Zone (Mbeya); Lake Zones (Mwanza) and Central Zone in Dodoma … these offices are strategically placed to meet the people’s needs … please use our offices to avoid being harassed by conmen,” he said.

The CRB officers at construction sites are also managed by officials with identity cards and reflectors which have the CRB logo that easily introduces them as staff of the board.

He said that there are some people who go around pretending they were on CRB official duty -- and they often visit different construction sites across the country, at times threatening to take measures against owners of those sites with the express aim of soliciting bribes from the contractors and site owners.

He said those conmen sometimes write letters to summon site owners and contractors, asking them to give money in order to avoid punishment from the board. “We would like to caution the general public and site owners … beware of those people … please contact CRB whenever you meet them,” the statement said, in part.

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