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  • Scoops all best top ten positions 
  • Girls continue to shine as pass rate increases

THE National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) yesterday released the 2017 National Form Six Examination results, reflecting increased pass rate compared to last year, with science students scooping all the top ten positions.

Unveiling the results at a press conference held here in the Isles at the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training building, NECTA Executive Secretary, Dr Charles Msonde said 98.12 per cent of the 61,308 students who sat as school candidates passed compared to 97.94 per cent of 63,528 students last year.

“The number of candidates who passed with Division I-III has increased by 0.59 per cent from 93.13 per cent last year to 93.72 this year,” he said. This indicates that the pass rate in the top divisions (I-III) has continued to improve for the two consecutive years compared to 89.41 per cent recorded in 2015.

The results also showed that girls have continued to shine over boys percentage-wise. The pass rate for girls is 94.07 per cent compared to 93.49 per cent for boys. “We should commend our teachers for hardwork in ensuring good performance in Form VI every year,” Dr Msonde said as he saluted girls for leading.

The overall best student slot was won by St Mary’s Mazinde Juu Girls School, Ms Sophia Richard Juma (PCB) and others in ascending order and their combination and schools in bracket as Ms Aghatha Julius Ninga (PCB, Tabora Girls in Tabora), Mr Nathanael Philemon Ndagwe (PCB, Mzumbe in Morogoro) and Mr Mugisha Reynold Lukambuzi (PCB, FEZA Boys in Dar es Salaam).

Others are: Mr Innocent Beda Labule (PCM, St Mary Goreti in Kilimanjaro), Mr Pascal Masaba (PCM- Kibaha in Coast), Mr Arsen Mwantuke (PCM-Marian Boys in Coast), Ms Atuganile Cairo Jimmy (PCM, Feza Boys in Dar es Salaam), Mr Donel Lot Chihoma (PCM, Marian Boys in Coast) and Mr Erick Gilbert Philipo (PCB, Kibaha in Coast).

Ms Sophia was ranked the best female in science subjects category, Mr Nathanael the best among boys in science, the best performer in Arts subjects among boys was Mr Francis Samkyi (EGM combination) from Feza Boys in Dar es Salaam and Ms Rahel Malolela (HKL combination) from Rugambwa in Kagera was the best among girls.

Mr Rajabu Ally (with ECA combination) and Ms Munira Said (with ECA combination) were leading best students in commerce subjects.

Journalists were also informed that exam results for ten students were nullified because of cheating, while 84 students who did not complete or were absent from exams because of health problems will have do the exams again next May.

“We managed to minimise cheating and control exams leaking. We thank supervisors and invigilators in all districts for commitment in promoting discipline and ensuring examination regulations are observed,” Dr Msonda said as he mentioned that 75,116 students including 28,731 girls registered to sit for the examinations.

He said that 70,552 out of 73,692 (including 27,577 girls) candidates equivalent to 96.06 per cent who sat for the exams passed (Division I-IV), compared to 71,551 (97.32 per cent) successful candidates last year.

The NECTA Executive Secretary listed the top ten schools in 2017 examinations, with number of candidates in brackets as: Feza Girls (67)- Dar es Salaam; Marian Boys (94) – Coast; Kisimiri (58)- Arusha; AHMES (40)- Pwani; Marian Girls (108)- Coast; Mzumbe (144)- Morogoro; St Marry Mazide Juu (149)- Tanga; Tabora Boys (129)- Tabora; Feza Boys (86)- Dar es Salaam and Kibaha (173)- Coast.

Unlike last year, private schools have taken the lead in this year’s results whereby out of ten schools , they were six while in last year’s results, six public schools were among the top ten schools.

A community school , Kisimiri based in Arusha which was the overall best performer in last year’s results has scooped third position while Feza Girls High School has emerged number one.

Schools which performed poorly include Kiembesamaki (120)- Unguja: Hagafilo (53)- Njombe: Chasasa (76)- Pemba: Mwenyekheri Anuarite (30)- Dar es Salaam: Benbela (108)- Unguja: Meta (300)- Mbeya, Mlima Mbeya (59)- Mbenya: Njombe (455)- Njombe: Al-Ihsan Girls (41)- Unguja and St Vicent (31)- Tabora.

This year’s results indicate that three schools in Zanzibar which performed poorly last year have improved moving from the least position, these are Mpendae, Tumekuja and Jang’ombe.

He named the overall best students per combination as Hassani Gwaay for the Science combination from Tabora Boys; Japhet Lawrence (Tusiime) for the Commerce combination and Edith Msenga (St Mary’s Mazinde Juu) for the Arts combination.

Flanked by several executives from NECTA and the Zanzibar Ministry of Education, Dr Msonda said the results were impressing, as he announced an indefinite closure for Alliance Girls in Mwanza after its staff (and security officer and invigilators) were implicated in examinations cheating.

The officers implicated in cheating have been charged in court.

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