REA three to electrify all villages, assures Majaliwa

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NO village will remain without electricity after completion of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA)’s third phase project, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has assured.

The premier, addressing separate public rallies in his home district of Ruangwa on Tuesday evening, said the government has already al located 1tri/- for electricity distribution to 8,000 villages, countrywide. Flanked by his wife Mary, the Ruangwa Member of Parliament (MP), addressed Chiapi, Nandanga, Mbecha and Luchelegwa villagers on his second leg of a four-day working tour of Lindi Region.

“President John Magufuli is very much concerned with his people and that is why he has set aside enough funds for power supply in all villages, including Ruangwa District,’’ Mr Majaliwa said, adding that the cost of connecting each household to electricity was only 27,000/-.

REA last March embarked on the execution of the third phase of the robust rural electrification project, TURNKEY III, that aims at covering 7,873 villages in all districts and regions of Tanzania Mainland.

The ambitious project is scheduled for implementation within a five-year period, starting 2016/2017 through the 2020/2021 fiscal year, with 7,697 villages connected to the main grid and 176 others connected to the off-grid power.

The third phase execution covers three project components; densification that underlines the distribution of transformers, grid extension that focuses on supply of electricity to all villages without connection to the main grid and off-grid renewable that will concentrate on the distribution of electricity in the off-grid areas and Islands.

In Ruangwa District, Mr Majaliwa insisted that from now on, no citizen will be required to pay for electricity polls and application forms as the government had shouldered all the bills. The premier told Ruangwa residents that the government intends to supply electricity to all villages in the country, adding that villages that are far from the national grid will be supplied with solar energy, to increase employment opportunities and economic growth.

Apart from domestic uses, the premier said electricity is vital for other social services in the country, including schools, health centres and industries. Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) Lindi Regional Manager Johnson Mwigune told the Prime Minister that by the end of this month, the contractor to supply power will have been obtained and ready to start the works of connecting villages to electricity, immediately.

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