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LACK of education among women has been pointed out as one among reasons for poor family planning in many families in the country.

Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Ashatu Kijaji, said yesterday that available studies show that a number of women with secondary education and above have a small number of children compared to those with primary education or those who did not attend school at all.

She said educated women have a wide knowledge on family planning related issues and that most of them know how to protect themselves from conceiving. “According to the 2012 census, the country’s population growth is at 2.7 per cent annually and the average of giving birth for women between 15 and 49 years is 5.2 per cent,” she said.

Dr Kijaji was responding to a question posed by Kaliua MP (CUF), Ms Magdalena Sakaya who wanted to know the measures taken by the government on family planning. Ms Sakaya said there has been a rapid growth of population in the country that does not reflect available social services and economic status among Tanzanians.

She said there is need for the government to intervene and offer education on family planning among family members so that people can manage to take care of their children.

“It is obvious that many children do not get their basic rights as required because many parents give birth to a big number of them. We all understand our economic status, it has been difficult for some families to give required needs to their children, I think it is high time the government come with a special plan to address this problem,” she said.

The MP also asked the government if it is ready to set a limit of number of children per couple so as to ensure family planning in the country. Responding to the issue, Dr Kijaji said setting a limit of children for the couple was a bit complicated matter for the government because family planning has something to do with culture, norms and other related social practices.

However, the deputy minister said the government will continue to offer training and education to Tanzanians so that they can understand the importance of family planning.

“We will continue to offer education to Tanzanians on this matter so that people can understand, it will be difficult to address this issue in a different way,” she said.

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