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AT least 100 health centres across the country are set to offer surgery services to pregnant women by December, 2017.

That was said by Minister for Health, Community, Development, Gender, Elders and Children, Ms Ummy Mwalimu, in Parliament yesterday, adding that opening of the said health centres will help to boost health services to pregnant women and save their lives.

She said opening of the health institutions countrywide is part of the government drive to address surgery challenges facing many women and children whose lives are in danger.

“We are looking forward to offer surgery services in 100 health centres, this will enable women to get health services easily,” she said. However, the minister said her ministry is facing a challenge of shortage of Anesthesiologists in various public hospitals.

She said the government is looking forward to train a number of them, adding that upon their graduation, they will be posted in various public hospitals and health centres countrywide.

She said the government has already entered into an agreement with KCMC to offer a course on anesthesiology and soon some current health officials will also go for such training for their health centres.

She added that experts in various hospitals will also offer training to other health officers so that they can help in the area. However, the minister said the government is working on the experts’ pieces of advice so that any programme related to the training may take between nine to 12 months.

“We have been advised to avoid crash programme and experts have advised us that the programme must take between nine to 12 months and not less than that,” she said.

The minister was responding to a supplementary question fielded by Kilolo MP (CCM), Venance Mwamoto who wanted to know when the government will employ enough anesthesiologists to address severe shortage in the health institutions in the country.

She hinted that the government has been building health centres, but there is still shortage of anesthesiologists in them. “I would like to know how the government is going to address this matter, the government is working hard to build health centres and basic infrastructures to enable surgery, but we still need experts to fulfil the goals,” he said.

In the rejoinder, the minister further said the government plans to see into it that all its health centres are equipped with surgery experts to save women and children.

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