Family planning is ‘sure’ pathway to poverty reduction

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ROBUST family planning services are widely recognised as cost effective health intervention and essential components of sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

Tanzania Communication and Development Centre (PCDC) Manager James Mlali said this during an interview in Dar es Salaam yesterday that family planning improves the economic well-being of both individual families and communities.

“Robust family planning services have a range of benefits, including maternal and infant survival, nutrition, educational attainment, the status of girls and women at home and in society,” he said.

However, failure to sustain family planning programmes, both domestically and abroad, would lead to increased population growth and poorer health worldwide, especially among the poor.

High levels of fertility and steadily declining child mortality rates could create a youthful population with a high child dependency ratio which is one of the key factors undermining socio-economic development.

The situation may jeopardize the achievement of vision 2025 that aims to transform the country into a middle income, accentuate poverty due to meagre resources for re-investment.

There is need to promote access to family planning methods of choice for sexually active women and men to realise their reproductive goals towards voluntary decline in fertility, especially adolescent and youth.

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