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THE Attorney General’s office has advocated for strong partnership among public institutions to seek solutions to various challenges occurring while performing their duties.

The Deputy Attorney General (AG), Mr Gerson Mdemu, said this when he spoke to stakeholders in Tabora Region during the commemoration of the Public Service Week, being held from June 16 to 23, this year.

“Such partnerships will enable the government to smoothly carry out its obligations fully, so let’s strive to make this happen,” said Mr Mdemu. He observed that the initiative will, among other things, lessen the rising complaints and too much finger pointing.

“It is important to take into account that no single institution can perform its work without cooperation, however, we should note that the objective of doing is not in any way meant to interfere with one’s work,” he observed. Among other things, Mr Mdemu advised the stakeholders to be specific when seeking for advice from his office.

“Whenever you forward your contracts at the office for consultations, ensure that the accompanying letters specify the nature and area of advice being sought, instead of expressing the matter by just using a single line,” noted Mr Mdemu.

The Deputy AG stressed on the need for the stakeholder’s willingness to cooperate with his office whenever required, for the assistance to be meaningful.

On their part, the stakeholders extended recognition to the government for deciding to hold talks with officials from Tabora Region, pointing out that the gatherings are important for improving partnerships and in the implementation of work.

The participants include the police force, judiciary, Tanzania Prison Services (TPS), the Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), among others.

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