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TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS) has destroyed solar batteries worth 120m/- which are substandard as they do not meet both local and international marks.

Speaking during an exercise to destroy more than 2,300 substandard solar batteries in Dar es Salaam yesterday, TBS Standards Officer, Mr Henry Massawe, said they were identified during a special inspection conducted recently.

Mr Massawe said the batteries were imported and meant for distribution by a local company dealing in solar gadgets. “We conducted inspection at Dar es Salaam Port and took sample of the solar batteries and the ones we are destroying were proved to be substandard.

“They could have caused losses to customers if they entered the local market,” said Mr Massawe. He added that “Our laboratories have state-ofthe- art equipment which can detect substandard goods, even for the new products.

We are determined to ensure that consumers at the end of the day get quality and standard goods which are worth value for their money,” he said.

He said that taking into consideration the environmental impact that might be caused during the destruction process, there are special areas where the importers or manufacturers bear the cost.

He added that when TBS seizes substandard goods depending on a situation, the importer and distributor are either ordered to ship back the products to the place of origin, meet the destruction cost and at times they are sent to court and ordered to pay fines.

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