Biolarvacides: Dar’s ultimate ‘killer’ of the malaria vector

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A PLANT that produces ‘biolarvacides’ or chemicals said to specifically target mosquito larvae, has produced two million litres of the stuff since last year when it started operations, most of it exported to four countries: Serbia, Cuba, Sweden and Niger, the National Assembly heard yesterday.

The factory, located at Kibaha District in the Coast region, is a joint venture between the government of Tanzania and Cuban stateowned firm Entrepreneurial Group Biological and Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Labiofam).

Deputy Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Dr Kigwangalla said the plant has an installed capacity of producing six million litres, and has since sold the product to Mbogwe and Geita districts.

“We borrowed the technology from Cuba and now Cuba itself is importing the product from Tanzania. And in Tanzania, so far the product has been sold to Mbogwe and Geita districts while Songwe, Kondoa and Namtumbo districts have placed orders for the same”, said Dr Kigwangalla.

He was responding to supplementary questions from Othman Omar Haji (Gando-CUF) and Anthony Komu (Siha-Chadema) who wanted to know why the government had not purchased the product and distributed it across the country.

The MP also wanted to know if the government made any research before applying the technology which is new and unique not only in Tanzania but in Africa as a whole.

Dr Kigwangalla noted that before application of the technology, Tanzania and other users underwent various processes including researches and clinical trials which all proved its effectiveness and efficacy ‘beyond any reasonable doubt.’

He said his ministry had already urged all councils in the country to purchase the product in order to eradicate malaria in their respective areas.

“The ministry cannot use its whole malaria budget to buy this product and distribute it … because there’re other interventions against malaria which also need money.

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