Traffic officers set to work night shifts soon

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IN a bid to reduce the number of accidents and road traffic offences occurring at night, plans are afoot to make sure traffic officers have night shifts.

In the same vein, government and military drivers have been reminded to adhere to road traffic regulations, because no one is above the law. “There are some people who say the government ‘sleeps’ during the nights and they do whatever they want especially drivers.

Soon we will extend our duties to 24 hours service to make sure drivers comply with road traffic regulations at night as they do during day times,” revealed Tanzania Traffic Police Commander, Mohamed Mpinga.

The traffic police boss applauded contributions from some of the stakeholders who carried out awareness campaigns to teach students and children on road safety education.

Commander Mpinga made the remarks in Dar es Salaam over the weekend while officiating over a campaign intended to teach school teachers road safety signs in order to educate school children and reduce deaths and injuries caused by road accidents, an exercise which was organised by Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT).

Responding to journalists’ questions who wanted to know why some drivers trusted with government, police and defence forces cars intentionally violate road traffic regulations without being punished, Mr Mpinga said no one is above the law and stern measures will be taken to anyone who will be found violating traffic laws.

“Some years ago, we received complaints over prison vehicle drivers who violated road traffic regulations and we took serious action on them and they started to comply with regulations, but if the cases arise again we will work on it and take harsh measures to show that no one is above the law,” he stressed

. In another development, Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone through the traffic unit has collected a total of 319,350,000/- from fines spanning over 10,249 traffic offences in two days. The Dar es Salaam Special Zone Commissioner of Police (CP), Simon Sirro, said the amount was collected from March 14 to 16 this year, in various areas of the city.

According to him, the 10,249 seized vehicles include 385 motorcycles, 2,662 commuter buses and 7,202 private cars and Lorries.

“The traffic unit education programmes together with the media pay off as road traffic offences decreased. Cases of motorcyclists who were notorious for carrying more than one passenger decreased as well, since there is no one who was arrested for this offence this time,” he noted.

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