Dar, Mauritius agreement ‘may harm local tourism’

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SOME stakeholders in the tourism industry here have raised concern over a recent agreement between Tanzania and Mauritius aimed at promoting tourism in both countries.

The voices of concern were raised by different members of the ‘Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI)’ led by Mr Simai Mohamed Said, arguing that the MoU may do harm than good in promoting tourism.

“Mauritius is our competitor. It is unfortunate that we were not privy of the signing of the agreement; otherwise we could have given our suggestions.

About 40 percent of tourists visiting Zanzibar come from Tanzania mainland, definitely, under the MoU, they will divert to Mauritius,” said Mr Mohamed. He said that tourism is none Union matters, but Zanzibar and mainland have been working closely for the interest of both sides in the Union, because tourism is a main contributor to GDP.

Last Saturday, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) and Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) signed a one-year renewable MoU on joint venture promotional initiatives of Tanzania and Mauritius tourism destinations particularly in USA, Australia, China, India and other tourist markets in Europe.

The Managing Director of Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), Ms Devota Mdachi and her counterpart from Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, Mr Kevin Ramkaloan, signed the deal at the Mauritius pavilion in Messe Berlin, Germany.

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