Prisoners’ illegal activities infuriate minister

Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Mwigulu Nchemba

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THE Minister for Home Affairs Mwigulu Nchemba, has tasked the Tanzania Prisons Service to crack the whip on prisoners who are still engaging in criminal activities while in jail by communicating with colleagues outside the prison.

In his remarks when opening the annual meeting of senior prisons officers, Mr Nchemba said some prisoners who had been convicted with serious crimes still had a huge network that they communicate with to connive in various criminal activities.

“I have done my own survey and realised that there are prisoners who are still communicating with their crime networks illegally and therefore, I call upon the Tanzania Prisons services through its senior officers across the country to ensure that they remain vigilant and alert as provided for in the legislation,” Mr Nchemba said.

The minister added that in ending the vice, concerted efforts are needed, including sealing loopholes for intercommunications between prisoners and those outside.

Mr Nchemba also advised the Tanzania prisons services to use the opportunities available within the prisons premises, especially land for various productions. He pointed out that the prison had over 130,482 hectares of land that are suitable for agricultural activities, livestock and environment.

“I advise you to use this meeting for self-assessment, to discuss and to plan the strategies to utilise the opportunity that you have in increasing production, including food, livestock and industrial products so as to maximise revenue for the benefit of the Prison Department and the nation at large,” he explained.

He also urged prisons officers to resolve the ongoing land disputes between the prisons and citizens surrounding prisons premises.

The minister urged senior prisons officers to perform their duties by adhering to the rules and regulations guiding them in order to achieve their goals.

In his remarks, the Prisons Service Commissioner General, Dr Juma Malewa, said that he will ensure that the Tanzania Prisons Services is delivering to the expectations of the nation, especially in food production.

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