Govt urged to post experts in small industries

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THE government has been requested to send experts to small-scale industries to improve increased production to boost the country’s industrialisation process.

The call was made by the Managing Director of the Moshi-based JayJey Industry, Humphrey Mosha. He said highly skilled experts are needed to enable industries increase production. “We have many experts in our universities and ministries who can help in revitalising the industrial sector.

The government should post these experts to small-scale industries,” Mosha said. "Even if the owner of a factory has knowledge and skills, we need more experts and professionals to help run our industries.

” He said that it was difficult to run a factory without experts as owners of small industries cannot afford to hire all skilled labour. Moshi said JayJey Industry has an expert from The Netherlands through the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA).

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