The Last ‘Sting’ leaves the Earth!


GOOD hearts are created, they live and go. He left his family and people he cared for almost half a century and decided to take a path we shall all go through.

Truly, I now know that death is certain. To some, he was a good leader and hero whereas to others he was considered an old-fashioned dictator.

Fidel Castro died at the age of 90 and left a legacy in the Caribbean Island of Cuba as well as many parts of the world especially Sub- Saharan Africa. Many described him as the last ‘sting’ after the late father of the nation, Mwl. J. K. Nyerere, the late Nelson Mandela and Hugo Chavez.

The last sting? Sounds like it. But where do we place Mzee Robert Mugabe? In Sub Saharan Africa, Fidel Castro will be remembered for his support during the liberation struggle, his immense support to health and education sectors.

He provided scholarships for many medical students to study in Cuba and allowed Cuban medical practitioners to come and work in our country and other countries. For many years Castro worked tirelessly to build his country and to stand against oppressive and imperialist systems.

And because of that he was seen as a threat to the capitalist world and those who were against his communist ideology.

Despite enormous political pressure from opposing elements within his own country and without, he remained firm and pursued what he considered right to his country and the Cubans. The gallant revolutionary leader did not bow down to hate speeches and propaganda all manufactured by Western imperialists.

He remained stable and focused. The Western media demonized him, rallied against him and he gave them hell. Personally, I have great admiration and respect for the old guard and strongly believe his legacy will never subside.

Now that you have gone and hopefully you will rejoin your long time comrades - comrade Nyerere, comrade Mandela, comrade Chavez as well as comrade Che Guevara amongst the many comrades of your stature, kindly help me convey this to Mwalimu without the slightest hesitation.

Inform Mwalimu we are still juggling with policy as well as systemic issues on areas of education, agriculture, health and the economy.

Inform him that we as a country and a people who have not made much stride. Tell him we are still grappling with our basic needs and continue to die whilst living in abundance.

Tell Mwalimu that corruption had taken its toll and that the gap between the haves and have nots had gone wild. That we had reached a point where a few unscrupulous individuals were living in heaven while the majority were burning under the sun.

Inform Mwalimu that we tried to revamp agriculture with a big bhang under the banner of “Kilimo Kwanza” but things did not go like during his “Siasa ni Kilimo” or “Kilimo cha Kufa na Kupona” schemes. And kindly don’t mince words when delivering this to him.

Then we came up with “Big Results Now” (BRN). Despite a few mishaps on some areas such as education, the initiative was private sector led and provided much room for consultation, stakeholders as well as public engagements.

And since corruption had taken its toll thereby destroying the moral fabric of the Tanzanian society, the fifth phase government under the stewardship of Dr John Magufuli is determined to eliminate the vice.

Inform him that there is every indication that President JPM is heading in the right direction in areas such as public service management, discipline on government expenditure, war on graft, elimination of ghost workers, students and all sorts of ghosts, education, public transport to mention but a few.

Tell him that JPM is determined to rebuild his dreamland. That he has vowed to bring down all corrupt elements in the country, empowering sidelined poor Tanzanians through various schemes, bringing hope to millions of mothers and children under five who were a victim of poor health facilities and services, revamping the infrastructure especially railway lines to standard gauge.

That to show his commitment and determination in this direction, he has suspended all political rallies to allow his government and the wananchi to engage in meaningful social economic activities that will lift them out of poverty. Equally, inform him that we are still grappling with our economy as we are working towards cleaning up the mess that had driven it in out of hand.

However, despite minor achievements towards this, the incumbent has just stayed in power for only a year and that he will need time to regenerate the economy.

Worth noting, tell Mwalimu that Tanzanians have agreed in principle to tighten up their belts for a better future. Tell him that the 1978/79 war we fought with Idd Amin was a straight forward war unlike the war JPM is fighting.

Inform him that the fight is a bit complicated because the ‘insurgences’ are in many colours and are using human shields as protective gear. The commanders and majority of Tanzanians, however, are determined to win it thus their loyalty to the government.

It would be unfair if you will not tell Mwalimu that his party, CCM nearly came to ‘cessation’ during the last general elections, thanks to strong leadership and wisdom from party’s old guards. Following the tradition, the matter was settled calmly and JPM was elected the flag bearer and consequently the President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Furthermore, inform Mwalimu that former Prime Ministers Edward Lowassa (EL) and Frederick Sumaye amongst other CCM party dignitaries crossed over to the opposition. And tell him that since their crossing over, political direction within CCM has taken a new direction.

Good news to him is that President JPM who also pairs as CCM Chairman is committed to rebuilding it and that ‘CCM ya Wananchi’ is on its way back and that of ‘Wenye Chama’ is on its way to hell. My sincere apologies Comrade for bothering you with this message. Go and rest Comrade, you did your part with pride and passion.

You will always be in our thoughts as a fine and a revolutionary leader of our generation! Rest in Eternal Peace, Our Last Sting! Jacks Meena, Freelance Media and Communications Consultant.

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