Dr Shein pledges relief to ease ravages of rain

Zanzibar president,Dr Ali Mohamed Shein

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ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has pledged his government’s resolve to repair infrastructure damaged by the ongoing heavy rains, and facilitate a return to normal development among the people affected by disrupted communication networks.

Heavy rains have poured across the Isles over the past weeks, and damaged roads, bridges, drainage systems and buildings, leaving ‘wananchi’ and the government counting their losses.

Dr Shein made the promise during his visit to some of the affected areas yesterday, where he directed those who live in flood-prone areas to voluntarily vacate and relocate to new areas. He also expressed his deep condolences to those who lost their beloved ones and victims of the heavy rains.

“The government is with you and we will make sure we rebuild damaged infrastructure to make sure people continue with their day-today activities as before and to restore road communication links between various areas,” he revealed.

The president also urged residents to help those whose houses collapsed by giving them shelter during their time of need, while other procedures and assessments are being made, but stressed that those who live in prone areas to leave for the safety of their own lives and property.

On their part, some of the residents urged the government to unblock water channels alongside roads, saying they were, in effect, channeling floods into their areas of residence.

Dr Shein visited several other affected areas including: Mwanakwerekwe Shimo la Maji, Fuoni, Kibonde, Mzungu, Mwanakwerekwe Nyumba Mbili, Daraja-bovu Karakana, Bumbwisudi-kwa- Goa, and Mwera Gudini.

In another development, schools in Zanzibar reopen today after the Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Riziki Pembe Juma ordered them temporarily closed last week.

According to the minister, the schools had to close to ensure the safety of the children and their teachers– after some schools were left submerged in water while roads used by students were overrun by the floods.

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