Yes, we need quality service at Dar container terminal


THE government has openly revealed that plans are underway to have more firms to operate container terminals at the Dar es Salaam port.

The said plans aim at ending business monopoly by the Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS), which has been the lone-operator since 2000. The government’s idea to invite more firms in the business sounds brilliant as it aims at increasing efficiency and boosting revenues at the country’s main port.

The Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Prof. Makame Mbarawa, said recently that the government is sorting out some issues before floating tender for other companies to bid. Competition is to be considered as an important aspect of economic growth.

The fact is that competition benefits not only consumers, but also businesses in different ways. Inviting competitors at Dar port prompts positive changes through boosting businesses and increasing efficiency in attending customers.

The opening of Dar es Salaam port to a variety of firms will help to boost innovative thinking. Competition makes people think more innovatively, which is necessary for the growth of business. With a single company operating business at the port, it’s obvious that port customers were forced to settle for what’s on the table – damning quality service, and welcoming shoddy performance.

Competitive business reminds companies to focus on how to maintain key customers, it stops complacency and allows for working together on common industry or market issues.

Moreover, forming a platform for business competition at the port will help to identify potential threats to the business, help to identify strengths and weaknesses and provides an alternative for customers who are not a good fit for some business.

For some years, TICTS has monopolized businesses at the Dar es Salaam port. With the proposed changes, which eventually seek to register other competitive firms in the business, Tanzanians should expect Dar es Salaam port to improve performance and increase revenues.

Dar es Salaam port acts as a gateway for commerce and trade for Tanzania and numerous bordering landlocked states. The port handles over 90 per cent of the country’s cargo traffic, therefore improvement of services by inviting experienced and skilled companies is necessary.

Monopolization of businesses is no longer best option in the current World’s business. Many firms are being assessed and credited by comparing their performance with others. The government idea to invite competitors at Dar es Salaam port container terminal is crucial for ensuring provision of quality services and growth of businesses.

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