It’s time for high performance leadership


ELECTION fever is mounting as the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) heads to the polls in Dodoma on August 12. Its fever to the aspirants of the various posts in TFF, but it is anxiety and high hopes to the Tanzanians wishing for changes that will develop football to the higher level.

Arguably, Tanzanian football at the moment is either static or under developing as evidenced through FIFA World rankings, club and national team performances at the regional and continental levels.

Leadership or simply management is the key element that fostered the kind of success we see in countries with upper class football today.

The coming election should therefore seriously pick for us a great team of leaders who are visionary and capable of helping our football to develop fast and reach the level of other countries which are far ahead of us in development.

We don’t just need one good or visionary president; we want all the team members to have the same quality and vision too. Experience shows a great leadership is the one which articulates a vision, one which both excites and engages the team mates in a way that gets to turn that vision into a reality.

Though it is not clearly known who will win the posts, we advise whoever wins it, must build a strong team and one who knows that great results come from big efforts and team work, not just the actions of a single leader.

Good leaders don’t criticize failure; they know its part of the journey to success, and they encourage their teams in smart risk taking.

Those seeking for posts should know that they have to think first what they will offer to Tanzanian football, not what the football will offer them, as most often than not, we have seen leaders using sports to seek wealth and personality.

Through them the country’s football has been on a nosedive while the leaders’ gains and power soared alarmingly. We wish all the best only aspirants who are really committed to heighten our football, and wish the opposite to those who are not.

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