Beware of match-fixing in 30th round


WITH defending champions Young Africans heading for a glorious hat-trick, the Mainland Premier League eventually reaches climax tomorrow after completing its tense 30 rounds.

The best thrill from this year’s league, has arguably been the two-horse run for the title, dominated by Dar es Salaam giants; Yanga and Simba after the third pursuer, Azam failed to march with the speedy duo at the front.

Also worth considering in the ending league season is fierce fight for the survival involving teams at the bottom of the table. The end of the league’s penultimate round found four teams at the relegation red line, and two of them must join already relegated JKT Ruvu. It is this situation that makes every football fan worry of presence of corruption or bribery of any kind to buy or sell results.

Toto African with 29 points, Ndanda and Mbao with 30 points each, African Lyon who have scrapped 31 points are very close to the relegation trap that can only be beaten by winning their last matches tomorrow.

Since match-fixing is naturally anticipated at this stage of the league, we believe the football governing body (TFF) is aware of this and hopefully can do something to ensure the matches of teams at the danger zone are cleanly and justly officiated.

We would like to advise TFF and other officials who will supervise matches to ensure justice that strictly observes 17 rules of football is applied so that the teams that fall into relegation hell and those which are not getting a deserved sentence.

While officiating remains a vital item in the football league, against its effectiveness, as evidenced in Kagera Sugar- Simba case over three-card abuse, must strictly observe perfect record- keeping.

It was horrifying to see two big teams and the match officials at each others’ throat of the controversy that almost ruined the image of the whole league. What we have seen as challenges must be rectified so that next season’s league is flawlessly run. We again end by wishing fair-play and justice besides the much sought skill and athleticism.

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