Adults should lead by example


SOME of the unethical tendencies in the labour sector on which President John Magufuli dwelt in his May Day commemorative speech in Moshi on Monday, merit serious pondering.

It’s because they have a big negative bearing on various facets of the country and must be addressed, to re-set ourselves on the right course.

The Head of State revisited the widespread forgery of academic certificates, which prompted him to form a probe team whose findings were hugely staggering. Nearly 10,000 public servants turned out to be cheats.

In his now alltoo- familiar element as a leader who doesn’t brook wrongdoing , he directed that they be axed from the payroll. This sent shockwaves not only amongst the culprits, but the broader circles of family members and acquaintances with whom they are closely associated.

Dependants of the men and women who have been cast into joblessness in deeply embarrassing fashion are certainly the most hardly hit. The initial shock and attendant psychological torture resulting from losing jobs, plus the embarrassment of being publicly exposed as cheats are very devastating.

More shockwaves are in store, given Dr Magufuli’s announcement that certificates related to professional training will be screened.

Yet another angle that represents the deeply entrenched culture of earning salaries and other benefits illegally, is for individuals trimming their age in order to extend their employment tenure, beyond their actual retirement age. By and large, the culprits – in these and earlier publicised crimes like the ghost workers syndrome and tax evasion – are adults.

Adults are enjoined to be role models for the younger generation. The criminal tendencies of some of them translates into a nation sliding fast and frighteningly into a pit of moral decay. The negative behaviour of adults rubs off some younger people.

A child may perceive a parent who used a forged certificate to get a job, a good salary, meteoric promotions, and finance a jolly family lifestyle as a hero or heroine worthy of emulation. The same may be the case for children who perceive devious, shortcuts to financial gains like dirty commercial deals as heroic.

If the trend is not checked resolutely, negative trends and tendencies may become part of the society’s DNA. This would spell doom. In family and community units and ultimately as a nation, we must strive to block that eventuality.

Adults must play a frontline role in that war, by, primarily, behaving in a manner that sets the tone for youngsters.

Besides trends related the employment and business sectors, adults should be trend-setters on social and moral trends, where decay is fairly widespread and worrisome. They include enslavement to negative aspects of social media, latenight partying and drunkenness.

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