Support swimmers, they have bright future


WINNING medals in major global events is a dream for many sports persons the world over. And, countries invest their sportsmen and do whatever is possible for them to make their fellow citizens proud. It is against this background that Tanzania has embarked on a renewed campaign to make sure local athletes win medals.

The campaign, which received huge government support, aims to restore the nation’s pride in athletics, this time focusing much on Club Games in Australia in 2018 and Tokyo Olympic Games of 2020.

The campaign, most often reportedly to concentrate on athletics as major medal hopefuls, followed by boxing as a sport that previously helped Tanzania win it medals in major events, is promising to succeed if the government continues to back it.

Out of focus, despite doing fine at the moment, is swimming whose athletes have shown remarkable progress in recent days. It was reported recently that eighty records were broken in the National Swimming Championship held at Haven of Peace School in Dar es Salaam.

Very impressing, were two upcoming athletes, Sonia Tumiotto and Collins Saliboko who dominated most of the races. The swimmers, who are products of Saint Felix School in United Kingdom, have managed to break more than five national records in the event that featured more than 200 swimmers from Dar es Salaam and upcountry.

Sonia broke 10 national swimming records while Collins broke six of them. Aliasger Karimjee, also a student of the UK- based, Saint Felix School, managed to break two records for swimmers 17 years and above.

It was good to learn that athletes attributed their success to good and professional trainers at the school, whom they said, helped them to succeed. Something worth to focus on as per the swimmers’ revelation is proper diet.

They said apart from training, they were provided a balanced diet as per consultation with dietitians. Since most of the young swimmers are still in tender ages, we would like them to start training seriously with psychological focus on the Club Games and Olympics.

The swimming body should work closely with these youthful record breakers and their parents to groom them into future world stars. We would also like to advise the athletes to train hard after school hours, keep competing in many competitions while keeping focus on coming games.

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