Let’s use Mwanza business forum to establish, promote investments


EAGERLY awaited Mwanza Business Forum takes off today at the imposing Rocky City Mall in the lakeside city, with 300 participants expected to attend.

The Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited (TSN) organised forum is expected to open up Mwanza region’s business opportunities to serious investors. TSN publishes the ‘Daily News’, HabariLeo, Sunday News, HabariLeo Jumapili and SpotiLeo newspapers.

The first TSN organised forum in Simiyu last February reportedly sparked business opportunities in the newly formed region.

Business stakeholders, ranging from petty traders, business experts to business tycoons, are today scheduled to present several papers on trade, business and investment opportunities in the region, with regional and district leaders, Members of Parliament (MPs) and ordinary citizens from Mwanza and the neighbouring regions attending.

The Mwanza Business Forum is both crucial and timely especially now that the government is spearheading the establishment and revitalisation of manufacturing industries in the country. Already, Mwanza region boasts of some small, medium and large scale manufacturing and processing industries, including edible oil mills, printing shops, metal workshops, processing plants, soft drinks producers, brewers and cosmetics making factories, among others.

However, there are still many areas yearning for serious investments. Agriculture, fishing, tourism and transportation are some of the sectors with huge investment potentials in the region. Socially, the region offers investment opportunities health and education.

Available statistics show that manufacturing industries employ about 38 per cent of Mwanza residents. But, the region experiences fast population growth, with three per cent natural birth rate and eight per cent inter-region migration.

The 2012 Population Census put the region population at 2,772,509. We firmly believe that through this forum, domestic and foreign investors will grab the available opportunities and set up big businesses.

As Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan said last week, the government relies on the private sector to establish, revive and develop industries. She told industrialists at the President’s Manufacturer of the Year Awards that the government is determined to transform the country into an industrial economy by 2025.

Yes, the government has to resolve all impediments that hinder or slow down the establishment and setting up of investments across the country.

With the government assurance, let everyone maximally utilise today’s business event in the rocky city to stimulate investments towards releasing the envisaged industrial economy.

For potential investors and all stakeholders, the Mwanza event offers great opportunity to network and partner for industrial-driven economy.

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