Make football entertaining, it pays well


IT is tactical football backed by water-tight defence, midfield masterly and good marksmanship that help Dar es Salaam giants; Simba, Young Africans remain ahead in the Premier League run.

With Simba’s Laudit Mavugo, Ibrahim Ajib, Shiza Kichuya and Muzamil Yasin in a fierce battle for supremacy against Simon Msuva, Thabani Kamusoko and Aubrey Chirwa of Yanga, it has been once again a Simba-Yanga season in a race for the title. The two giants firmly control the league going since it started last year.

With Simba looking slight superior, the fan base of the both teams has increased drastically, supporters went with the teams whenever they played an away match, and venues were full as evidenced through their matches in Arusha, Songea and recently in Kagera.

In those venues, major gate collections were recorded from the overwhelmingly big attendance, a situation that makes the two teams continue to be the biggest crowd pullers of this season.

How the teams managed to appeal to the biggest number of audience in their matches, should be a lesson not only to the club, but to other teams and the football governing body (TFF) as well. It should be put into consideration that a strong fan base pays a lot to clubs since it is a vital source of income and power.

What made two giants appeal to a big number of audience is simply good and tactical football that generates wins and entertainment to the fans. While Simba seem to enjoy big audiences, disgustingly poor audience has been widely observed in most of the venues of the league this season.

Football fans hardly visit stadiums nowadays, because they don’t expect to see much in terms of skills and tactics similar to what is displayed in big European league matches graced with names such as Lionel Messi, Suarez, Neymar or Christiano Ronaldo. Serious promotional innovation should be applied to improve our leagues and make them crowd pullers too.

To achieve this, other teams should stop participating as onlookers, just watching as Simba, Yanga or Azam dominate the race for the championship. Our teams must promote themselves by promoting their matches and players to lure the audience and most often work in collaboration with sponsors and the football governing body.

Regional associations can also join the promotion campaign of the matches to enable their regional representatives’ benefit handsomely from their home games.

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