Let’s make use of long rains to cultivate enough crops


NOW that the long rains are with us, pounding many parts of the country, it should be common sense that people should plant crops and expect to harvest if they do not want to starve or face hunger in the coming months.

Since agriculture forms the backbone of our country’s economy and employs the majority of our citizens, we should give it priority and cultivate fast maturing crops for food as well as a source of income.

We have all along been blessed with reliable rains in our vast arable land, unlike some countries lying in the arid climates where their crops would wither and require constant irrigation to grow. It is common sense that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation, and no one can be healthy if that person lacks enough food.

Our President, John Pombe Magufuli (JPM), has all along repeatedly pointed that whoever does not work should not expect to eat, which is in apparent reference to the Biblical book of 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

First, this letter is almost certainly addressing a community of able-bodied people who should be working, toiling in the fields to plough, plant, weed, harvest and store harvested food, not the sick, elders and children in their midst.

It is unfortunate that the opposite is the case where the ablebodied people are instead voluntarily refraining from being in farms and prefer to mushroom into urban centers looking for ‘white collar’ jobs, which are not even paying enough and instead makes them “slaves/subjects of the employers.”

Some of these able-bodied men are in business of merchandising some wares in streets in towns only to pay rent and to buy food, but at the end of the day they fail to make any savings for their future.

They fail even to take care of themselves and cater for all their basic needs or take their children to schools, and instead crowd in tiny bedsitters where privacy is out of the question.

It should be common sense that not all able-bodied people should be in towns as employees with meager incomes. If one has no meaningful business in town and he/she has big chunks of land back in the village, he/she should go back and cultivate it and feed his family.

That is why JPM has been mincing no words that the government has no farms to cultivate and feed people. We should support the government by setting examples of engaging in food production willingly without being coerced.

Surely, politics, idling and name calling will not feed us, what we want is a square meal on our tables, which will come by cultivating the land.

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