Let’s unite against poaching, protect endangered wildlife


THE case of John the Rhino, that sent shock waves across the country after controversies hogged the animal’s disappearance last year, has been put to rest.

The probe team that the government formed presented its report, confirming the rhino death. Contradictions over the rhino emerged when Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa visited Ngorongoro Conservation Area and heard of the missing animal, with some quarters suggesting that it had been sold off. Negligence, was cited as one of the factors behind the rhino’s death.

This hardly paint a good picture at amid threats of most endangered animals’ extinction.

The increasing human activities throughout the world are threatening the existence of some animals like elephants, rhinos, lions and cheatehs, among others, whose body parts--skins, hides, horns and meat-- are in high demand.

Though the establishment of conservation areas and clearly marked game reserves and other areas for wild animals, brought with it light at the end of a dark tunnel, the going has not been easy in protecting the animals. Poaching remains rampant, with people invading these areas to kill animals.

The government through its agencies has been in the forefront, to contain poaching and save the animals from extinction. It is unfortunate, however, that human error and negligence add to the factors contributing to the reduction of the protected animals.

The conservation authorities should in no way allow the death or loss of any animal due to negligence.

And, stern measures should be taken against those implicated in the negligent handling of the animals. Rhinos, like John are endangered species and they cost the government fortunes to protect and rear them. Losing such animal due to negligence is unacceptable, to say the least. Those responsible for caring these animals should pull up their socks. Poaching too should be nipped in the bud.

Despite the government efforts to curb the evil, more still needs to be done. Ordinary wananchi too have a critical role to play.

Poachers are members of the society and live within our communities. Poachers, therefore, should be reported to the law enforcing agencies for appropriate actions. The country generate substantial amount of foreign currency from tourism and wild animals in national parks and conservation areas.

It’s therefore everyone’s duty to protect these animals and ensure that poaching is eliminated. Tanzanians entrusted with the task of protecting the animals should effectively and diligently play their roles. Let’s unite to curb poaching and protect wildlife for the benefit of the country.

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