Culture of disease diagnosis inevitable for health nation


MANY people hardly practise ‘prevention is better than cure’ slogan, which they embrace, albeit theoretically.

But, for the sake of bodily health, it’s vital to prevent because once the disease creeps, its cure is not only expensive but also time consuming. Human beings just like other animals are constantly being hunted by bacteria, germs and virus as their hosts, living as parasites without our knowledge.

Developed culture of early disease diagnosis is more likely to provide successful cure. One needs not be a rocket scientist to realise that some of the diseases that claim human lives could easily be avoided through early diagnosis.

Diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS, for instance, when diagnosed earlier, may be easily managed, with their damages delayed or mitigated.

Screening tests establish health problems, like breast cancer, before appearance of the disease symptoms are being offered by some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and hospitals. Through the test results, medical analyses and recommendations by medical experts, it becomes to decide on the most appropriate steps.

There are also risk factors that make contracting the disease more likely. Family history, like having a close relative with cancer and lifestyle habits, smoking, for instance, contribute to diseases. Pregnant women or ladies intending to conceive are advised to undergo screening for genetic conditions that may affect them and their expected new born. Waiting for the late days of pregnancy to start the hustles of medication sometimes end up complicating the mother and child’s safety.

It’s therefore important for members of the public to develop a cordial relation with their physicians through frequent visits to health facilities to reduce the risks and impact of avoidable diseases.

Through well established relationship with the medics, regular tests and counselling, one is most likely to inquire about diseases, types of test required, the costs involved as well as further required testing and follow-ups. Yes, through articulate prevention initiatives, we are capable of keeping the preventable diseases at bay and remaining healthy to produce for the good of the nation.

For, the health nation not only saves substantial amount of money in terms of medical bill, but also offers more productive man-hours.

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