Dispose all motorcycles littering police stations


MANY police stations in the country today look like parking yards or garages for wrecked motorbikes that have suffered deadly accidents on the hands of reckless riders.

True, motorcycle taxis, bodaboda, have rapidly become a lucrative industry, sufficiently providing for families. Unfriendly traffic in particularly urban centres compel many citizens to prefer bodaboda transport, notwithstanding their high risks.

There are thousands of bodaboda riders dominating the country’s roads, easing movements of people from almost all walks of life. At every corner along the major and feeder roads, the numbers of bodaboda riders are soaring.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders form the largest group that abuse the traffic rules and regulations--they hardly care about the rules that govern road uses. Hundreds of youth enter into the bodaboda business daily, sometimes without undergoing the prerequisite basic training.

They flock to the sector, which is seemingly profitable and relatively less regulated. But, legally, to ride the motorcycle, be it for personal or commercial purpose, one needs to possess driving licence and at least third-party insurance cover.

However, most of the bodaboda riders enter into the business without the required documentation, leading to their playing a game ‘cat-and-mouse’ with the police.Bodaboda are really dangerous, especially as they weave through heavy traffic, driving on the wrong sides of the road. It’s common seeing buses, taxis, trailers, lorries, bicycles and pedestrians competing for the roads’ thin space, boda riders pay little, if any, attention to other road users.

They as a result cause deadly injuries to themselves, their passengers and even other road users. No wonder some hospitals in the country have dedicated special wards to handle victims of motorcycles related accidents.

The law enforcers, in attempts to restore order in the bodaboda riding sub-sector, have been conducting campaigns, arresting traffic rule violators and confiscating their machines, which end up piling at the police stations.

Heaps of abandoned motor bikes are a common site at almost all police stations in the country. Instead of littering the public offices, it’s high time these motorcycles were auctioned and the accrued earnings directed into good uses for improved public welfare.

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