Clear idlers, vagabonds off commuter bus stops


THERE is a community of people, mostly men, dominating bus stages in almost all major cities and towns in the country.

They are energetic and potentially productive workforce, which has however opted to lead unproductive life.

They look lean, tired and lanky not because they are sick, but they have intentionally decided to waste themselves by spending their days in all sorts of drugs and alcohol, particularly consuming the banned sachet packed alcohol, ‘viroba’.

They shout to passengers, touting the commuter bus routes at the bus stops and in return having the commuter bus crews ‘oiling their hands with some coins’ for the job well done. But, are these people paying taxes as a result of the earnings they accrue from the work they have assigned themselves.

Some people may snub the idea of subjecting commuter touts to taxes, yet like any citizen they earn it is the responsibility of all ‘wananchi’ to pay taxes for the development of the country. Actually, most of these youth have no homes...they are vagabonds readily available for anybody wishing to hire them for all sorts of crimes.

They walk armed with knives, razor blades, screwdrivers and all sorts of crude weapons to exhort money from bus conductors who are not willing to give them money, easily.

As the government prepares to make every citizen responsible and pay taxes, become transparent in life, it is high time the nuisances caused by these people are fully addressed. These are normal people who should be held accountable in life, with their accommodation and their sources of earning known.

Otherwise, we are nursing a generation of idlers and vagabonds that creeps in the society and bent on criminal activities to survive. These are drunkards and nuisance creators, aimlessly fondling and using lewd language against women.

They fear no police as they dangerously play rough games and slash passengers and bus conductors with the blades. If we are to enjoy normal and peaceful lives in our urban centres, these people should be kept where they belong. Otherwise, they are a time bomb against all of us in the society.

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