Tablet with detachable key board=Computer

Jaffar Zein Mjasiri

WHEN one is travelling, it is always a good gesture to take all the precaution not to inconvenience others. It starts with the night of your travel. How much do we care about our beloved ones when you have to take a shuttle, perhaps after midnight and cause nuisance to your wife or husband.

Sometimes we take for granted our relationship and think that when you switch on the light it is justified to do so. But perhaps the best practice is to try and plan well ahead about your trip.

It will serve you the trouble of waking up after midnight and start struggling to pack and even at times you might forget an important travel document or wallet or something crucial.

But it does not happen to me often because my wife has taken trouble to learn on the best way to avoid bringing inconvenience to her beloved husband. I have also adjusted the same way, which makes us birds of the same feathers flying together!

Again, when you are going to travel think of the things you will need to take along with you. It is important to have a list of items that might help you not to overlook any important item that you might be indeed of during your travel. It was Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him who said that traveling is a portion of punishment.

It is absolutely true that one should not cause even more trouble by being disorganized. The West in contrast define travel as relaxation, entertainment and education.

It is absolutely the case even with Islam that taking refugee or traveling from your homeland is an opportunity for exposure and learning. To some of us we have been blessed to learn new values, etiquettes since we embarked on global trotting. Recently, while in China I learned to be conscious in whatever I do.

Even if you receive any cash or make transaction to a taxi driver; make sure that you check properly the money you receive. Perhaps this rule is universal, I just mentioned China because it was my latest visit I made.

It is also important to make sure that at any international airport in the world when the officer is asking you a question like do you have a computer; don’t just think of a computer which has a fixed key board.

Think of your tablet which has a detachable key board. As it will save you the hassle of going through double screening or being pat and even ending up being a nuisance to those who are waiting next on the line. All things considered many times I have been on travel but my first visit to China has been a unique experience both in terms of people’s hospitality and the beauty of Beijing.

Perhaps try to visit Beijing and see for yourself because seeing is believing. But I could be wrong.

Enjoy Your Weekend

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