Miss Tanzania’s prize handover a flop?


THEY say you should be happy and grateful for all the gifts you receive. That’s what they say but are you really obliged to do this?

You ever opened a present expecting to find something life changing only to be disappointed?

This happened to me once. It was my 12th birthday and I remember I had hinted so much towards [hopefully] getting this lovely little dress all the other girls in school seemed to have, only to be given something else completely.

The disappointment was deep and to this day, I remember having to smile and be polite because that’s what my mother taught me to do. However, what I really wanted to do was do an African woman wail and throw this irrelevant gift back to the person’s face and say, ‘keep it!!’.

Miss Tanzania 2016 (finally) received her prize car this week. Mind you; the nation was mourning the loss of the Lucky Vincent Primary school students who lost their lives earlier this week.

We needed a little good news to ease the grief and somehow restore faith. Images of Miss Tanzania 2016’s prize car spread like wild fire and well, let’s just say, didn’t quite do the trick. The little Suzuki Swift looked like it had seen better days. That or maybe it was looking for better days.

I couldn’t quite decide either way. The little car was heavily branded. I mean, the only part of the car that wasn’t branded were the car tires of which I’m thinking the sponsors regret not seeing and utilizing in time.

The little car, and I say that with love and affection because, the vehicle really is small and something you would give a girl as her first car, also seemed to not have seen water and soap. It was handed to the beauty having some mud, not reflecting her shine at all.

In fact, it didn’t reflect her at all. The vehicle was handed to her after some controversy with the Miss Tanzania committee where the National Arts Council (BASATA) ordered them to hand the beauty her prize.

A prize which was initially announced to be a Toyota Vitz but now and behold, it wasn’t. I must commend Miss Tanzania for keeping a straight face and taking it all like a champ. All her interviews showed her happy and grateful of the gift regardless of its state.

Still, I doubt she can drive it anywhere without having to figure out how to see with all the branding it has, though. That and taking it to the car wash for a good scrub. We continue to mourn the loss of the Lucky Vincent Primary School children.

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