We can fight witchcraft with science


IS superstition a real thing? This has been debated in the society for a long time. It has been a subject for debate for both literate and illiterate community.

Witchcraft is associated with the spiritual world other that the real one we are living in the more we understand issues the more find explanation of the cases we previously connect them with superstition this prove how ignorance on issues pushing us toward believing in superstition or some evil power.

Witchcraft has been associated with all sort of Good/evils in the society includes human sacrifices , Job Promotions/ Demotion, Business Performance, Health stability, bad lucky etc. Tanzania, Lake Zone in particular witchdoctors prescribes albino body parts for Business Success or other forms of achievements.

Old women with red eyes are being associated with witchcraft and so killed. Witchcraft has been mentioned also in ancients books such as Bible and Quran, These scripture books contain records of what happened thousands of years ago, Long back before we have the technology and understanding we have today.

Believers may have different version of explanation. But is there a slightest evidence of witchcraft in the world we are living or it is simply a blind faith.

Can someone really fly on a winnower? Most people believing this is happening. It’s my personal feeling that if they do really move from one region to another physically on a winnower or they can get inside a closed house life on earth could have been very different if at all they have the ability society believe they have.

My thoughts are that Human invented the idea of witchcraft based on poor understanding of laws of nature and so being ignorant of knowledge human started to speculate the possible cause of everything, Example we have astrologers (fortune tellers) who think they can predict some bodies future based on arrangement of stars in the sky.

This sound somehow ridiculous to someone who uses logics. Like what is the connection between what is happening in the sky and somebody day here on earth.

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