All hail H.E. Sir Uhuru Kenyatta!

Amby Lusekelo

UHURU Kenyatta has, with a single statement, revolutionised African politics and we the youth of the continent commend him for it. His Excellency Muheshimiwa Sir Kenyatta displayed his bravado in a public address shortly after Kenyan Chief Justice David Maraga, delivered his verdict.

Chief Justice Maraga declared the elections that were held earlier this year ‘null and void’ after the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, alleged widespread fraud in the election, including the hacking of the electoral commission’s computer system.

This term ‘null and void’ is not a term commonly used and more so by my English challenged people so a quick run to the Google and voila, we were all on the same page.

The Chief Justice had declared that the Kenyan presidential elections as “having no force, binding power, or validity” and that they have to be redone within 60 days. His Excellency Muheshimiwa Sir Kenyatta took to the streets to announce his response to the judgment that was made by six judges at a vote of 4-2.

I listened to him carefully as he began by joking that he had gone from being a ‘president elect’ back to be the president as the country awaits these new elections. He then announced that although unhappy by the ruling, he would respect the court’s decision and participate in the upcoming elections. I dare say it is almost as if this man isn’t African at all!

Africans are not familiar with relinquishing power in any shape or manner. It is not in our DNA. We have life presidents who then pass on the power to their wives or children but within confines of the family. We actually have unofficial kingdoms in Africa.

That said, where is His Excellency Muheshimiwa Sir Kenyatta from that they taught him this behaviour? Aside from him accepting the judgment, all the six judges, their families and their friends are all still alive. I continue to be amazed.

These people haven’t had anything suspicious happen to them- not even their family pets have been harmed. Their offices have not been burnt to the ground. No kidnapping or kidnapping attempts of any kind. Everyone is alive and can be accounted for.

They are all okay. Absolutely, healthy and okay. They are all alive and going about their daily lives. Amazing. I’m sure other African leaders are watching and wishing His Excellency Muheshimiwa Sir Kenyatta evil side eye they can master. How dare he give people hope that such behaviour is possible?

That an African leader can respect the judicial arm of government and behave like a regular citizen within a country? Some say that His Excellency Muheshimiwa Sir Kenyatta is a political mastermind and is doing this to get all of his nonbelievers to gain confidence in him but to that I ask, at what cost?

The Kenyan stock exchange and the currency plunged after the announcement and the country has gone deep into “unstable region” territory which isn’t a good look for it. I believe he genuinely accepted the decision and to that I repeat, ALL Hail Sir Kenyatta.

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