NMB eyes user-friendly digitalised products

NMB Bank’s Managing Director Ms Ineke Bussemaker


NMB Bank has launched customer service week with strong desire to increase the use of friendly digital technology to reach the financially marginalised population.

The Bank’s Managing Director Ms Ineke Bussemaker said yesterday in Dar es Salaam that the bank has always been designing products which are appropriate and convenient for customers to access the banking services.

“The use of friendly digital technology aims at making the bank more efficient, available and easy for customers to access its services,” she said adding that the bank is always looking at products and services which customers appreciate.

For example, the ‘Kilimo Account’ which is designed for farmers and the partnership with Village Community Banks (VICOBA) have become important channels in reaching and providing user-friendly banking services to the unbankable population.

She said the customer services week is a unique opportunity for the bank to get feedback from its customers and design best ways to serve them in the future. The week is marked in all bank branches countrywide, the network that has now reached 208.

She added, “The bank cannot reach everywhere and everyone but with the use of more than 3500 NMB agents, ‘Wakala’ has managed to cover the vast area and serve more than 2 million customers countrywide.

She said with the weight that the bank has continued to put on financial literacy which will see the number of people, representing 28 per cent of the adult population not having any access to financial services easily reached and covered.

“This is a growth opportunity for the banks in the industry to expand financial services to the excluded and financially underserved population in a bid to support government efforts to alleviate poverty,” she said.

She said of the 58 banks in the country, NMB has continued to be one of the best banks, receiving both domestic and international awards.

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