SBL hailed for buying materials from local farmers


THE Mwanza Regional Commissioner Mr John Mongela has challenged industries to buy locally farmed and produced raw materials instead of importing them and deny local producers capacity to expand their businesses.

He made the appeal yesterday as he officiated at the launch of a new beer dubbed ‘Pilsner King’ produced by Serengeti Breweries Ltd (SBL) Mwanza plant targeting Lake Zone consumers.

The RC said it was normal for beverage industries to import raw materials in the past but of late the trend has changed with many of them now buying locally produced ones commending SBL for maintaining the practice.

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend our local industries like SBL for supporting our farmers by directly buying raw materials for their industries from them which contributes a lot in not only increasing income but also creating more direct and indirect employment,” he said.

Mr Mongela said buying locally produced raw materials in large quantities will gradually create competition among farmers and local manufacturers on issues of quality and standards of their products in order to attract foreign markets as well.

He said the government was working hard to sensitize the farmers to get rid of sorely depending on subsistence farming and venture into commercial farming saying it was through capacity building from home industries like SBL which will motivate them.

On her side SBL Marketing Director Ms Siza Mloka said the new product with 7.6 alcoholic volumes and pegged at 1500/- per bottle was special for consumers across the Lake Zone thanking them for supporting the company’s products.

According to her last year SBL bought over 10,000 tons of raw materials like maize and millets from the local farmers promising to maintain good business with more farmers particularly from the Lake Zone.

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