Chicken demand, prices slightly up


CHICKEN prices have slightly gone up in Dar es Salaam as demand increases indicating the anticipated relief from waiver of duties on poultry feed from last month is yet to be felt. ‘Daily News’ survey at Kisutu and Mtambani Markets in Ilala and Kinondoni Municipalities respectively revealed that chicken prices have increased by between 300/- and 1000/- per bird in the past two months with traders citing rising prices of poultry feed and other expenses which have put production cost high.

At Kisutu Market chickens prices increased from 5,800/- two months ago to 6,000/- as of yesterday. At Mtambani Market in Kinondoni the prices have gone up from 5,500/- for low grade bird to 6,200/-, while for high quality 5,700/- to 7000/-.

The government waived duties on poultry feed in the 2017/2018 financial year to boost poultry sector. The changes became effective on July this year.

The Chairman of Kisutu’s chicken unit, Mr Mohamed Ndete, said the rise in price has been caused by breeders who have increased farm gate prices to cover for raising expenses which include poultry feed prices.

He said the prices have also gone up after market authorities raised stall rental fee for 400 per cent from 300/- per day charged last year to 1,500/- per day. On top of that cooking gas price has gone up from 85,000/- for a 36 kilogramme cylinder to 105,000/-.

“This is an increase of 20,000/- direct cost to our business…we are using gas to boil water for plucking feathers,” Mr Ndete said. He said currently their business does not pay them well and are struggling to survive.

The Kisutu Market Secretary, Mr Suitbert Nyawalle, said they also are facing competition challenges since there a ‘thousand and one’ vendors at the market vicinity. “We are facing a challenge of few customers and many vendors in the market place,” Mr Nyawalle said.

Nerbet Mazungwe, a chicken monger at Mtambani Market said they received around 2000 birds per day and are sold within two days. “The prices have gone up but we still have customers. The challenge is we are forced to absorb some costs to maintain the prices so as to retain customers,” Mr Mazungwe said.

Despite the rising costs and fees chicken mongers are also facing yet another challenge of incurring expenses for repairing their stalls which are at pathetic condition.

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