DAWASCO to improve service quality for ISO certificate


THE Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation (DAWASCO) has launched a four-month special strategy to improve water services in Dar es Salaam and Coast Region.

The strategy, according to DAWASCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Engineer Cyprian Luhemeja, aims at realising the requirements of an International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) to receive certification by the end of December.

Eng Luhemeja was speaking at a special meeting of all DAWASCO staff with the Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Prof Kitila Mkumbo, at the company’s headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

At the meeting, the DAWASCO staff signed commitment pledges with their managers and they signed the same commitment with the CEO in a bid to implement the newly launched quality management system.

The water company launched the system in May, 2017 which begun with a comprehensive gap analysis to seek answers as to why there were still shortage of water in the two regions.

According to the DAWASCO CEO, the analysis was done by a hired consultant who had already filed his report and that the water company had already put measures in place for funding mechanisms and conducted training to its staff.

In the signed commitment, every staff was given his responsibilities that will be assessed in December in an effort to increase efficiency and the quality of service.

“By receiving the ISO certification, we will be recognised internationally and change the image of our ministry as we will be able to solicit international funding as well,’’ he said.

The new DAWASCO strategy, he added, aims at increasing water customers to 450,000 by April, next year, reducing the wastage of the precious liquid by 9 per cent by 2020 as well as dealing with complaints filed by customers within seven days. Addressing DAWASCO employees, Prof Mkumbo underscored the need to increase transparency especially when dealing with complaints lodged by customers.

He commended the DAWASCO move to deal with people’s grievances within a single week by providing answers at the right time. On the ISO certification, the PS said it was high time for all employees to declare war on the provision of services to people.

“Every staff should know that we have launched a battle for provision of the best services to the best quality and satisfaction,’’ he insisted, adding that the Dar water body should now yearn for Performance Based Reward to its employees.

He further challenged DAWASCO to start operating as an entrepreneurial entity so as it can increase the government revenue.

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