Farmers are set to get inputs on credit


FARMERS in Southern Highlands can now access agricultural inputs on credits to enable them maximize crops yields, thanks to One Acre Fund, a non-profit agriculture organisation with its headquarters in Iringa.

Participating farmers will receive a complete bundle of agricultural inputs and services as well as training on how to boost productivity. The organization has invited farmers to enroll for the initiative for the coming 2018 planting season.

The One Acre Fund’s Country Director, Mr David Hylden, said the loan bundles range from 138,000/- to 248,000/- for new farmers and up to 1,128,000/- for returning farmers.

“We offer flexible repayment system whereby farmers may repay loans in any amount at any time within a twelve-month period. The loans are available in selected regions in the districts of Iringa, Kilolo, Wanging’ombe, Mbozi and Mbeya,” he explained.

Mr Hylden said the organization delivers all products to a dropoff point within walking distance of farmers’ homes and leads regular inperson training sessions so that farmers can maximize the benefit from the products they receive.

“Every farmer will have access to a full-time field officer employed by One Acre Fund, and may call the organization’s customer care hotline with any questions about agriculture or loan repayment.

“Smallholder farmers are some of the hardest-working people in the world; we need to make sure they have access to affordable products and services so they can increase their farm income,” he explained.

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