Police warn CUF members against ‘cleaning’ exercise

Special Zone Police Commander Simon Sirro

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THE Police Force has banned the Civic United Front (CUF) followers from carrying out what they termed as a clean-up exercise at the party headquarters in Buguruni which was planned for tomorrow, on security reasons.

Addressing journalists yesterday, the Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commissioner Simon Sirro said they received a letter from the office of the Temeke parliamentarian, Mr. Abdallah Mtolea, notifying them on the issue.

“Upon receipt of the letter, the Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone wrote a reply letter to Mr Mtolea, telling them not to carry on with the planned exercise because it may result to chaos based on the current state of the party,” said Commissioner Sirro.

Based on the ban, the Commissioner urged each member of the party to conduct cleaning exercises in their areas of residence or offices. “Because they have demonstrated their eagerness for cleaning, I would advise them to stick to cleaning their areas, for we do not want any harm to occur,” he noted.

He however cautioned residents of Dar es Salam not to participate in the proposed activity, for it is likely there is going to be a breach of peace. Commissioner Sirro had summoned the two factions, notifying them on the importance of adhering to the law without exerting forceful measures, telling them that problems in the party should be dealt within and not otherwise.

In another development, the police are holding seven people in connection to the attack that took place during a press conference of CUF leaders who are loyal to the party’s Secretary General, Seif Shariff Hamad. The matter has been taken to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for further legal action.

He named some of the people who are so far in custody as the party’s Publicity and Ideology Manager Abdul Kambaya (47), the bodyguard of CUF Chairman, Prof Ibrahim Lipumba, Mtawa Rashid (35), and Khamis Abdallah, also known as ‘Taekwondo’ (35).

“So far seven people have been arrested and the file is now in the DPP’s hands for next steps,” he revealed. Two people, according to Commander Sirro, are claimed to have been injured in the fight, adding that two other people suspected to be involved in the incidence were apprehended but one of them, Mohamed Mgomvi fled.

“Nobody will escape from police and government hands. I want to assure you, we will find him and bring him to justice, and if he is listening or watching, he should surrender himself.

Even if a person starts chaos, you should not take matters in your hands,” he insisted.

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