Miller firm at helm after Mkwawa Rally of Iringa

STADO Rally team’s Ahmed Huwel powers his Ford Fiesta over Mgama Bridge during the penultimate stage of Mkwawa Rally of Iringa over the weekend (Photo by Miguel Suleyman)


ARUSHA’S Gerald Miller has sealed a 20-point lead to continue commanding the race for the national driving title following his victory in the just ended Mkwawa Rally of Iringa.

Miller, who added 25 points more in Iringa has so far notched 50 points, 20 points superior to his closest challenger, Dharam Pandya of Dar es Salaam. Pandya has bagged 30 points after adding 15 points in Iringa on Sunday.

Mlller has won both the first and second rounds of this year’s National Rally Championship (NRC) series, a situation that places him in a good position to win the championship if he win two more rounds.

Third overall in seeding points standing is Gurpal Sandhu who has notched 26 points. He won 18 points in Kilimanjaro Rally in March before adding 8 more points in Iringa over the weekend.

Sandhu finished 6th overall in the second round. Fourth is Randeep Birdi with 18 points following his runner up position in Iringa. Birdi didn’t participate in the season opener. Mzizima Motor Sports Club will host the third round of the National Rally Championship in the end of May this year, and the event will be bankrolled by Stado Rally team.

Likewise, Miller’s codriver Peter Fox is leading the navigators’ table with 50 points followed by Awadh Bafadhil who navigates Pandya with 30 points. Zubeir Piredina, the defending champion who navigates Birdi, is third with 18 points after finishing second in Iringa.

Joining the seeding points pool for the first time were Sameer Nahdi Shanto and Davis Mosha who have just came back to rallying after over ten years absence. Shanto has collected 12 points while Mosha has garnered 4 points after ending 8th in Iringa.

Mkwawa Rally of Iringa was the second round of this year’s National Rally Championship and was bankrolled by Mkwawa Pure Drinking Water.

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