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Attorney General George Masaju

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ATTORNEY General (AG), Mr George Masaju, has said the government has competent and courageous leaders, particularly in the political arena.

Winding up 2017/2018 joint budget estimates for the President’s office, Regional Administration and Local Government, (TAMISEMI) and that of President’s Office Public Service and Good Governance, Mr Masaju refuted suggestions by the opposition camp that the current leaders have poor leadership skills.

“Honourable Chairman, it is important for MPs to be serious. We should not abuse our freedom to debate by dwelling on trivial issues instead of keeping our focus on matters that are crucial for the development of this nation,” a vividly disappointed Masaju told MPs.

“The government must not allow few people to throw to our nation into disrepute... it is important to respect each other here. We must restore discipline in the Parliament,” he said.

The AG also told MPS that a live broadcast will not help them to win back their position in the 2020 elections if they can’t address problems of the people in their respective constituencies.

“I’m wondering why all these noises of live broadcast, some of us think it will help them to be seen back in their constituencies but I totally feel the opposite. If you cannot perform and solve problems facing your people now, do not expect to win. Initially we had live broadcast here but in 2015 most MPs could still not win elections,” he pointed out.

Debating on the two ministries budget estimates, Iringa Urban MP, Peter Msigwa (CHADEMA), said the country was in crisis because of what he described as lack of competence in leaders, which he said is a bad thing.

He said CCM cadres are being appointed into key administrative positions, adding such move was crippling the operation of the government. Mr Msigwa argued that the incompetent are leading the competent. “We are being led by unskilled people. He argued that leadership is about inspiring.

“What we have is simply a bullying and intimidating leadership. Instead of showing the way, they instill a sense of fear in public servants. In fact, instead of helping, we are paralysing the civil service. “We as parliamentarians have to make our leaders accountable not otherwise ,” Msigwa said.

Initially yesterday, Vwawa Legislator, Japhet Hasunga (CCM), praised the Fifth Phase Government saying it has competent leaders who have achieved outstandingly in just one and half a year.

“This government has made huge transformations after just a year and half in office.

It has managed to wipe out corruption to a great extent, fighting drug trafficking and abuse, achieved landmark shift to Dodoma, revived ATCL and initiated major construction projects including Standard Gauge Railway and flyovers in Dar es Salaam City,” he said.

He said to achieve all these in a short time like that you need an effective leadership, like that of President John Magufuli.

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