New trucks for fire brigade coming, promises minister

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THE government plans to purchase new trucks for the fire brigade and distribute to different regions, including Kilimanjaro, Home Affairs Minister Mwigulu Nchemba said here yesterday.

In implementing the programme, the minister said that the government is negotiating with different foreign institutions that have shown interests to provide money for the purpose and once the negotiations are over, the truck manufacturing contracts will be signed.

The minister was answering a question by Raphael Michael (Moshi Urban-Chadema), who claimed that Kilimanjaro Region was facing a critical shortage of fire fighting trucks, saying there is only one working vehicle, leading to poor performance of the brigade.

He wanted to know when the government will provide the region with two more trucks to avoid losses to citizens due to fire accidents. The lawmaker also sought to know whether the decision to transfer fire brigade services under the ministry affected its performance.

The minister admitted that Kilimanjaro has one vehicle for the fire brigade with capacity of 7,000 litres and 400 litres for fuel fire extinguishing powder medicine. He said there were two other small fire extinguishing vehicles, which do not have tanks.

The motor vehicles, the minister said, get water from other vehicles or fire hydrants, said the minister, pointing out that of the two vehicles, only one was working.

The minister said further that the decision to transfer management services of the fire brigade from other different authorities to his ministry has not affected its service delivery, saying the move was made after a thorough research on the fire fighting activities.

It was discovered during the study that the services of the fire brigade were very poor when it was under the city council, municipal and town authorities due to lack of experts on the field.

He said further that management services of fire brigade that was under Airport Authorities were transferred to the ministry to improve efficiency and operate under one command, receiving orders from the Fire Brigade Commissioner General.

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