Nail quacks abusing middlemen business in sense


IN any business a middleman is a person or company that honestly connects buyers with sellers.

They buy goods from a manufacturer and then resell them to a retailer, and it should be known that the middleman does not produce anything, but thrives in the business because of his extensive knowledge of where the goods are in market, which the buyer may not be aware of.

In a nutshell, they may be selling knowledge. Period. But it is painful that the noble role has of late been abused by some dishonest people to the extent of promising customers ‘heaven’ knowing very well that they are conmen who deserve to be put in goals and keys to the locks thrown away in hades. They have invaded all the professions ranging from “land that man values” to the medical profession with enticing fancy titles of doctors, and putting signposts to be curing all sorts of diseases and predicting/professing what will happen the next day/month or year.

Without any element of shame and taking risks that even the devil would not dare take, some have imposed themselves to be State Security Agents, simply to mint extra coins, quoting Niccolò di Bernardo Machiavelli, the Italian Historian and Philosopher that the end justifies the means, come what may. In this confusion, despite a middleman being known to facilitate interaction between parties, typically for a commission or fee, some have turned themselves to be thieves, and go around to sell pieces of land which ancestrally belong to widows, orphans, and to make it worse sell the same plot to two or more different people, and bank on shyster lawyers to represent them in courts of laws.

That is why perhaps Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Paul Makonda deserves kudos. He must have smelt a rat and ordered for the suspension of operations of Ward Tribunals in Dar es Salaam Region.

Noting that their roles would now be assumed by Division Secretaries, to relieve innocent people from suffering. Along the same vein, the keen RC while receiving a report on the just ended exercise to grant free legal services to residents of the region, facilitated by his office in collaboration with over 30 lawyers who volunteered to help the needy, directed that all cases which have been filed at the specific tribunals should be handed over to Division Secretaries’ offices.

“Dar es Salaam Region does not have land with the value within the jurisdiction of Ward tribunals … because it’s a trend that cases are usually handled by unqualified lawyers in the courts. Therefore, from today onwards, I suspend the operations of the tribunals in my region,” said Mr Makonda was quoted to have said. The RC further directed the Division Secretaries to immediately go round their respective wards to list the cases, rulings and the professions of those who were handling the cases until a tangible solution was sought.

According to Section 10 (1) and 15 of the Land Dispute Settlement Act of 2002, each Ward Tribunal established under the Ward Tribunals Act, 1985 shall be a Court for the purpose of this Act, the Land Act, 1999 and the Village Land Act, 1999 and shall have jurisdiction and powers in relation to the area of a District Council in which it is established.

Mr Makonda who reigns in a government of the people, for the people and by the people, noted that some of the alarming cases that were reported by the residents during the exercise include issues of inheritance, marriage, employment, violence against children and land conflicts and that is precisely where the vishoka (conmen) know to be the Achilles heel in the society.

We are told he equally summoned some of the responsible heads of departments in all the municipalities in the region demanding them to provide him with statistics of some of the reported complaints including land grievances in the areas. Mr Makonda was saddened by the figures reported to him by the heads citing that the answers were raising a lot of questions compared to the lodged complaints in the recent exercise.

“As government officials accountable for the departments, you are not doing your jobs…if the situation was the reverse, all these cases that we have received of which you are claiming not to have, would not have been reported to the District and Regional Commissioner’s offices,” observed the RC. He cautioned court brokers, bank officials and other government officials colluding to con innocent people of their properties by forging documents.

“I have received names of people and presented them to the police for proper measures to be taken against the culprits,” he said. In a nutshell, though the public or customers if possible should try to “cut out the middleman” in business and deal directly with each other to avoid any increased costs or commissions, lack of knowledge in the market and shortage of skilled health workforce, being a global crisis would still make the thieves resurface, but at least a message has been sent to them.

Frankly speaking it takes many years to train a doctor and become a specialists, but when a quack comes in readily to hoodwink the public and exploit needy patients, the law should takes its course, because professionally, such kind of people are the ones contributing to bacteria/germs or virus being resistant to drugs in the market.

They cure with their “home-made knowledge or remedies” and make the public lose hope on the licensed Medical Practitioners who would tell them the truth like that a virus has no cure.

Think of a case where they brave to be Security experts (but from briefcase companies), or masquerade as risk consultants or advisors ready to complement government agencies, only to mint extra coins from you being unaware?

Some of these guys have infiltrated into private homes to provide guard duties, install surveillance camera equipment, train and advice companies and government personnel on how to conduct professional criminal investigations among others, after downloading such information from the internet, which would make unsuspecting individual believe them.

It is good their days are numbered.

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