TPDF launches new modern training centre


THE Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) has launched a project to construct a modern military training center in Mapinga area in Bagamoyo District, Coast Region.

Laying the foundation stone here yesterday, the Minister of Defense and National Service Dr Hussein Mwinyi said the modern military center which will be equipped with modern military facilities in a joint exercise between them and the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA).

Dr Mwinyi expressed appreciation towards China for continued support that will go ahead and benefit Tanzanians, besides good cooperation existing between the two countries.

“Today (yesterday) we are writing history between TPDF and PLA. I would like to express appreciation to China for the continued support in different projects and most especially in this modern military training center that will help modernize and equip our military,” he pointed out.

The military training center whose construction costs will be 29 million USD will help equip the local military set up with modern military techniques in defence and protection against external threats to the national security.

China’s military is among the strongest and modern in the world.

“This project has come at the right time indeed, and will enable us to have a modern state of the art military training center for our soldiers, who will in turn make our force to be more modern with high skills in tackling security challenges including terrorism,’ he explained.

Speaking at the event TPDF’s Chief of Defence Forces, General Mwamunyange expressed appreciation of the project, adding that the good relations between TPDF and PLA has brought a lot of good changes in the local force in Tanzania.

General Mwamunyange praised the importance of the military training center, stressing that it will equip TPDF with modern skills within the country.

The construction of the military training center will be completed in December 2017.

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